Rehome a Pet

Re-homing Websites - Please try to re-home your pet FIRST.

There are more pet re-homing websites you can locate on the internet. Bringing your animal to Harris County Pets should be your last option.  If you must surrender your pet, please be sure to provide accurate helpful information to our staff about your pet so we can try to find a good home.  All services are  by appointment by calling 281-999-3191.  

There are fees to surrender an animal to Harris County Pets.  Please try to rehome a found or owned pet first.
Click here for surrender fees.  

Try asking friends, family and co-workers if they or anyone they know may want a new pet.  Use your personal social media pages to network your pet to a new home.  Post a flyer at your place of work or anywhere allowed. If your pet is up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered, it will be easier to find him/her a new home.

Are you moving?

Your pets are a part of the family so don’t leave them out.

Please consider pet friendly housing when looking for your new home.