Pet Licensing
It is the law for all cats and dogs over three months of age and living in unincorporated Harris County to wear a Harris County license tag and to have a current rabies vaccination. Failure to comply may result in fines up to $500 per offense. Click here to view a map of the Harris County service area..

What do I need to license my pet(s)?

You will need to provide proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination and spay or neuter (if applicable).
A valid ID or driver's license is also required at the time of applying for a pet license.

How can I license my pet(s)?

You can license your pet(s) in person at the shelter, through a participating veterinary clinic, by mail or online here.
View our participating veterinary clinics here.

How much does it cost to license my pet?

   1 Year     3 Year*     
Unaltered      $60  $180 
 Altered $20 $60 
Senior**  $2  $6 

* Any rabies vaccine given after the first (even if it is overdue) is good for 3 years (if the vaccine is a 3-year vaccine).  When the second or subsequent vaccine is given, the animal is immediately considered currently vaccinated for 3 years.
** Senior discount applies only for residents 60 years old or older with spayed or neutered pet(s).

What are the benefits of licensing my pet?

Get your pets home quick.
Pets wearing visible identification are more likely to be returned home when lost, minimizing or eliminating unnecessary time in the shelter. Accidents happen and are unpredictable. The time to license is now.

Keep your pet healthy.
In order to license your pet, he or she must have a current rabies vaccination. We will also send a friendly reminder when your pet’s vaccination or license is due.

Help your community.
Licensing fees support Harris County VPH and help us continue providing quality animal care and control services for the residents and pets of unincorporated Harris County

Keep your pet legal.
All cats and dogs in unincorporated Harris County over the age of 3-months are required to maintain a pet license through the county. Violations of Harris County animal regulations can result in a citation and fine up to $500.

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