Animal Laws and Regulations

Animal Laws and Regulations

Introduction to Animal Law
Laws/Regulations Covered

Harris County Animal Regulations

Dangerous Dogs/Dog Bites
Laws/Regulations Covered
Dog/Cock Fighting
Roadside Vendors/Dog Behavior

Laws/Regulations Covered

Law Enforcement Response to Aggressive Animal Attacks
Law Enforcement Response to Rabies (Bats)
Law Enforcement Response to Reptiles (Snakes)
Laws/Regulations Covered
Law Enforcement Response to Dangerous Wild Animals
Law Enforcement Response to Livestock
Legal Update (2011) Animal Law
Law Enforcement Response to Zoonotic Diseases as Weapons of Mass Destruction
Law Enforcement Response to Texas Nuisance Wildlife

Laws/Regulations Covered

Law Enforcement Response to The Link—Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence

Law Enforcement Training Opportunities

Harris County Veterinary Public Health provides several educational opportunities for Harris County law enforcement personnel. For more information contact the Humane Trainer Liaison at 281-999-3191.

Animal Law 101

Animal Law 101 is offered through the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy on a quarterly basis. This day long class touches on the basis of animal law in Harris County. Contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy for the next scheduled program - 713.274.4900.

Roll Call Trainings

On-site roll call trainings are available at no cost to law enforcement agencies in Harris County. All of our trainings are TCOLE approved and we bring them to your location. Each training is one hour in length and designed to fit into a traditional roll call time slot. Or, you can request several topics together for a 1/2 day or full day of training.