Community Cat Program

The Harris County Community Cat Program (CCP)

is a free and humane program designed to effectively reduce the number of cats living on our streets.


Community cats are free-roaming cats that live in our communities and make their homes wherever they can find shelter. The goal of SNR (Shelter-Neuter-Return) and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs is to reduce the number of free-roaming cats, eliminate the number of kittens, and decrease feline nuisance behaviors such as fighting, yowling, spraying, etc.

Please note that we only provides SNR services. We do not offer trap rentals and do not provide trapping services at our facility. Please reach out to the CCP team to learn about possible resources.

For more information about our program please see the following handouts:

Harris County Pets Community Cat Program

TNR versus SNR: What is the Difference?

SNR is a program that addresses animals that are turned into the shelter or signed over to animal control. The cats are then sterilized, vaccinated, and ear tipped then returned to their home area. TNR is a program where our citizens trap the animals and transport them to and from local spay/neuter TNR clinics. The animal must be picked up by the citizen and returned to the home area. Our shelter only participates in SNR. If you are looking for TNR options, please see the following list for low-cost TNR options: 

Removing cats from an area or relocating them is not only inhumane—it’s ineffective. Scientific evidence indicates that removing community cat populations only opens up the habitat for more cats to move in, either from neighboring territories or born from survivors. Each time cats are removed, the population will rebound through a natural phenomenon known as the “vacuum effect,” drawing the community into a costly, endless cycle of trapping.

Working Cat Program:  Are you looking for an outdoor cat to help with rodent control? Then take a look at our working cats that are available for adoption. To see which cats we currently have available for adoption please email:
You can read more about working cats here: [ English || Spanish ]

Unwanted Feline Residents: We understand that not everyone enjoys having community cats in their backyard. For a list of humane ways to prevent community cats from living in your yard, please email

Volunteering for The Harris County Pets Community Cat Program (CCP): At Harris County Pets, we have volunteer opportunities to assist with our Community Cat Program. For more information about our Volunteer Program please use the following link:  Community Cat Program Volunteers

To contact a member of our Community Cat Program, please email