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At Harris County Animal Shelter, volunteers and fosters mean everything to us! Our greatest asset is our volunteers- the time, energy, dedication, and expertise that they bring to our programs is unmatched. The more people willing to help, the more CountyPets we can save!

Whether you are looking to volunteer your time or open your home to a deserving dog or cat, Harris County Animal Shelter wants you to join our team!

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Volunteers are one of our most important resources at the Harris County Animal Shelter.

With 25,000 animals being brought in yearly, the work volunteers do increases the amount of pets we adopt every day.

You can make a difference in a shelter pet’s life by showing them some T.L.C., teaching them how to “sit”, or making sure they find their fur-ever home!

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An animal in a foster home is FIVE TIMES more likely to be adopted than an animal straight out of the shelter. As a foster home, you can provide a safe environment for an animal to learn to become a pet! We are ALWAYS in search of great foster homes willing to take in animals in need of a warm bed and a good meal.

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