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Orientation Dates

Our upcoming orientation dates are:

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RSVP is required - Please let us know which date and time works best for you! 


All potential volunteers must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age to volunteer. If under 18 years of age, a legal parent or guardian must accompany them to volunteer orientation.
  • Must complete a background check screening.
  • Fill out an online application.
  • Attend Orientation

Individuals wishing to volunteer or intern at HCPH are required to provide an electronic signature demonstrating their willingness to adhere to the required statements, releases, and agreements of the Volunteer and Internship program via the online application.

Policies are shown here for future references:


Dog Ambassador

Volunteers receive fundamental “hands-on” dog training sessions from a certified dog trainer. The Dog Ambassadors come to the shelter at least twice a week and train dogs on basic commands in order to increase a dog’s chances of adoption. This also gives the shelter pets “free time” out of the kennel to learn and play at our CountyPets playground. 

Mobile Adoptions & Events Team

Special events offer a way to help county pets outside of the shelter environment! Volunteers may help with our weekly mobile adoptions, pet vaccination clinics, health fairs, or spay/neuter events throughout the year.

Pet Adoption Counselor

You can help match pets with their new forever homes! Volunteers create a relationship with potential adopters and assist in meet-and-greets. Volunteers must use exceptionally people skills to assess animal and adopter characteristics to help make the perfect match.

Wellness Clinic

Harris County Animal Shelter now has a wellness clinic that offers veterinarian care at a low cost! Volunteers assist the veterinarian staff during exams, tests, and ensuring lobby remains clean and organized. No veterinarian experience is needed!

Wellness Clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 1pm-5pm.

Kennel Assistant

Volunteers will help the kennel staff with ensuring pets are comfortable at the shelter. Duties may include assembling cleaning supplies, moving animals, cleaning/sanitizing pens following established procedures, resetting cages with food, paper, toys, and/or bedding, feeding and watering animals at the shelter. You may also assist the staff in reviewing and reporting health status of animals. This volunteer opportunity is flexible and offers lots of available shifts!

Kitty Committee

Volunteers check on our adoptable cats at the River Oaks PETCO store. You will straighten cages (change litter, replace bedding), check food/water, and give some love and attention. Volunteers attend on-site training at PETCO and then sign up for dates on an online calendar. Visits can be made anytime the store is open. We need volunteers to commit to at least 2 days a month.


What can I do as a volunteer?

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at Harris County Animal Shelter! Volunteers can train CountyPets, help adopters find their perfect pet, ensure pets are clean and comfortable, or help at our events outside the shelter.

To see our full listing of current opportunities and additional details, please click here.

How do I become a volunteer?
  1. Email VPH volunteer to sign up for orientation
    1. Calendar link
  2. Fill out volunteer application
  3. Attend orientation & complete background check training 
  4. Start volunteering!
Are there any ongoing requirements for volunteers?

We ask that volunteer commit to at least 10 hours per month of service.

Additionally, we require all volunteers to adhere to the volunteer policies agreed upon via the online application. You can also check out our policies here.

What if I need community service hours?

Community service members have different requirements and guidelines. Please contact Tamara Cook at tcook@hcphes.org.

I completed the online application, now what?

If you did not receive an email with follow up instructions, please check our calendar for our next orientation and email vphvolunteer@hcphes.org to RSVP.

I attended orientation, now what?

Email VPHvolunteer@hcphes.org to see how you can get started! See all our volunteer opportunities to see which one you would like to help at!

Can my group set up a service day?

If you are seeking a one-time group volunteering opportunity, please contact our volunteer coordinator at VPHvolunteer@hcphes.org.

Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record?

Everyone is encouraged to apply. Results are discussed on a case by case basis.

Active Volunteers:

Our online volunteer system allows our volunteers to easily sign up for shifts and help keep track of their hours volunteered! 


Jessica S. Hernandez
Community Relations Specialist
(832) 927-1141

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